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Posted 7 years ago in About Lawyers.com by Lawyers.com   
Beyond Numbers: Customers Want More than a Directory

Consumers and small business owners are turning to the Web in record numbers to research legal issues and find a lawyer who can help them with their legal matters. In fact, site traffic on Lawyers.com is growing by 12% year over year with 2.26 million visits to the site last month. By any objective, verifiable measure, Lawyers.com remains the leading legal destination on the Web built for consumers — in terms of consumer site traffic and more importantly, in terms …

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Posted 7 years ago in Demystifying the Law by Jennifer King  
Demystifying the Law: How Statutory Laws Are Made

In recent months I’ve written several blogs that attempt to demystify various aspects of the law. As I sat down to write today’s blog about how laws are made, I thought to myself, "This will be easy. I know how laws are made." Not only did I take law and government classes in school, but I’m also a child of the 1970s. And like any child of the 1970s, the TV show "Schoolhouse Rock" taught me how a bill becomes …

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