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U.S. Seeks to Continue Drilling Ban Pending Appeal

In a move affecting thousands of jobs and a big chunk of the Gulf area’s economy, the Obama administration asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the government’s ban on deepwater drilling. Last month a district court judge threw out the ban. As reported in the New York Times, the court filing seeks to restore the ban during the administration’s appeal.   Ban in effect since BP oil spill Extreme measure called necessary for environment How businesses can …

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Posted 7 years ago in About Lawyers.com by Jennifer King  
Exploring Lawyers.com: Community

One of the wonderful things about websites is that no two people use a site in the same way. Lawyers.com is our front door, so to speak, but we don’t mind if you decide to come in through the back door, window or even the chimney. When I visit a site regularly, I sometimes develop tunnel vision: I know where I’m going and don’t necessarily stop to browse through other parts of the site. With that in mind, we want …

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