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Posted 7 years ago in Criminal Law by Arthur Buono  
Conspiring to Prescribe Drugs with Anna Nicole Smith

Lindsay Lohan’s gotten most of the celebrity crime headlines lately. Despite a distinct handicap Anna Nicole Smith managed to make news this weekend. The prosecutor in the drug case against Smith’s lawyer/boyfriend and her doctors has accused her of conspiring with them to obtain prescription drugs illegally.   Smith’s doctors, lawyer/boyfriend charged with conspiracy Prosecutor accuses Smith, Bonnie Stern, to use their emails Evidence relating to one conspirator is evidence against all   Anna Nicole’s Emails Now State’s Evidence Smith …

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Posted 7 years ago in Internet Law by Arthur Buono  
I Saw What You Did: Websites’ Unblinking Eyes

The websites you browse, and some you don’t, track your every click online. If you think you should be concerned about what your web browsing says about you, you’re probably right. The Wall Street Journal offers some simple tips to limit the information websites gather during your browsing sessions.   Websites collect information about you to use and share Controlling cookies the key to browsing privacy Browser settings and privacy software safeguard your browsing habits   Saying No Thanks to …

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