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Posted 7 years ago in Criminal Law by Arthur Buono  
Tracking Suspect with GPS Ruled Illegal Search

You have no reasonable expectation of privacy in your very private backyard. You do have a reasonable expectation of privacy in your public comings and goings. Confused? Police cannot track the long-term movements of your vehicle with a GPS device without getting a warrant. A federal court in Washington, D.C., last Friday reversed a suspected drug-dealer’s conviction, because police attached the device to his car without getting court approval.   GPS device used to track suspect’s movements for a month …

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Posted 7 years ago in Internet Law by Arthur Buono  
Copyright Corner: Music, Blogs, and Sex Tapes

Need a theme song for your political campaign? Find a great news article you’d like to share on your blog? Get a little crazy with some friends and your video camera last weekend? You’re not alone. But you should brush up on your copyright law before making use of someone else’s work. A number of claims under the Copyright Act have been filed or settled last week, for potentially big money. Many copyright cases involve the defense of "fair use." …

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