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Posted 7 years ago in Uncategorized by Arthur Buono  
Flight Attendant Bails Out on Abusive Flier

Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who jumped ship after an altercation with a passenger Monday, failed to post bail today. He remains incarcerated in a New York City jail. His laugh-or-cry story sounds all too familiar to frequent fliers. This seems to be a good time for us all to pause and examine our own air travel decorum. Then let’s see what we can legally do about jerks that can’t follow simple air travel rules enacted for our safety, …

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Posted 7 years ago in Labor and Employment by Arthur Buono  
Screening Job Applicants for Criminal History

Employers often check a job applicant’s criminal history. There’s generally nothing wrong with this. The Census Bureau’s been sued however for refusing to hire anyone who has an arrest record. According to the plaintiffs, the practice has resulted in discrimination against African-Americans and Hispanics, among other groups. These groups are more likely than Caucasians to have arrest records.   Hiring policy for temporary census workers excluded anyone with arrest record Lawsuit alleges the policy discriminated against minorities What an employer …

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Posted 7 years ago in Insurance Law by Jennifer King  
The Basics of Insurance Claims

Anyone who has filed an insurance claim knows that insurance companies can make it very easy or very difficult to get that claim approved. If you have health insurance, you’ve probably seen how simple it can be. For example, when you file a routine prescription, most pharmacies quickly communicate with your insurer, get the prescription approved and 15 minutes later you walk out with your prescription in exchange for a small co-pay. There’s usually no paperwork to file and very …

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