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Posted 7 years ago in Government by Arthur Buono  
Anti-Gay Protests at Vets’ Funerals Protected

In a victory for free speech, even hate speech, a federal judge in Missouri has ruled that anti-gay protestors may picket funerals of fallen U.S. service members. The Kansas church group challenged a Missouri law banning protests at any location where a funeral is held. The court struck down this law and one prohibiting protests within 300 feet of a funeral.   Church group protests gays at veterans’ funerals Missouri laws banned protests at funerals in consideration of mourners Court …

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Posted 7 years ago in Consumer Law by Arthur Buono  
EPA, Ohio Bite Back at Bedbugs

Whenever Erin Burnett wants to lighten up her Street Signs show she pumps CNBC producer Andrea Mantia for another story on her favorite arthropod, the bedbug. On Monday these women named Columbus, Ohio, ground zero in America’s burgeoning bedbug plague. They’ve been on the case awhile. They know what they’re talking about. Now the Environmental Protection Agency is considering lifting a ban on the insecticide propoxur in what’s shaping up as an all-hands battle against the bloodsucking pest.   Bedbugs …

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