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Posted 7 years ago in Products Liability by Arthur Buono  
Back to School: Vaccinations for All Ages

The weather says it’s still summer but the calendar says it’s back to school time. Vaccinations and immunizations are back-to-school rites that always prompt questions and concerns for students and their parents. Getting up to date on shots and boosters is required for admission. There’s also good reason to consider some vaccines that aren’t required but might be life-saving.   Health advocates warn about meningitis and urge vaccination to prevent it Vaccinations for kids entering school mandatory with some exceptions …

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Posted 7 years ago in Creditor/Debtor by Arthur Buono  
Big Brother, Oh Brother: GPS and Your Credit

Looking for a new car? What if I told you the only way you could qualify for a car loan was to let the finance company track your movements with a GPS device installed in the car? Would you break down and agree? Don’t think too long, because it’s coming. Consumer protection officials in Maine have received an inquiry from a finance company about the legality of doing just that.   Finance company wants to track borrowers’ whereabouts Stated goal …

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Posted 7 years ago in Demystifying the Law by Jennifer King  
Demystifying the Law: Sexual Harassment, Assault & Battery

Last Thursday’s blog looked at sexual harassment in the workplace. But inappropriate sexual behavior can occur anywhere: A doctor who makes sexual advances toward a patient or a man who gropes a woman on a crowded bus are just a couple of examples. But is this behavior sexual harassment, or something else? The answer: Not surprisingly, it depends on the specifics of the situation. Sexual Harassment in Professional Situations Traditionally, sexual harassment was only illegal if it happened in the …

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