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Posted 7 years ago in Government by Arthur Buono  
The FDA, Rare Diseases, and Orphan Drugs

The perverse problem with rare diseases is not enough people have them. If more people did, more research and funding would go toward finding causes, cures, and drugs to treat them. It’s not like altogether there aren’t enough people with rare diseases that it’s not a national health issue. It’s just that so few people have the same ones.   Cures and treatments for rare or neglected diseases struggle for research support Orphan Drug Act provides incentives to develop therapies …

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Posted 7 years ago in Products Liability by Arthur Buono  
Egg Recall Expanded to 17 States

The recall of salmonella-tainted eggs has expanded. The tainted eggs have been shipped to at least 17 states under a variety of labels. The recall now involves the original producer, Wright County Eggs, and another Iowa operation, Hillandale Farms. The FDA first announced the voluntary nationwide recall on August 13.   Recall now involves two producers with nationwide distribution Eggs contaminated with salmonella cause gastrointestinal illness FDA oversees voluntary recall by affected producers   FDA, CDC Coordinating on Egg Recall …

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