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Posted 7 years ago in Government by Arthur Buono  
Federal Judges Throwing the Book – at Regulators

In a couple of recent cases federal judges have gone ballistic over the deals struck by prosecutors and regulators with banks that had admitted wrongdoing. The cases put a spotlight on the relationships between the regulators and the industries they oversee. The judges’ reaction may help shape these relationships for the future.   Banks get light treatment from prosecutors and regulators for major wrongdoing Judges question settlements and refuse to endorse them Regulatory agencies accused of being in bed with …

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Posted 7 years ago in Banking Law by Arthur Buono  
Last of the New Credit Card Rules Kick In

On Sunday, the remaining changes in credit card practices made by the Credit CARD Act of 2009 became effective. The law’s been phased in over the past year. Consumer advocates say it has reined in some of the most abusive lending practices, but warn that card issuers may try impose new fees or raise interest rates to make up for lost revenue.   Credit CARD Act of 2009 now fully implemented Restrictions on penalties, late fees and interest rate hikes …

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Posted 7 years ago in Consumer Law by Jennifer King  
Tips to Cut Energy Costs This Summer & All Year Long

My electricity bill arrived last week and I cringed when I saw that I’d used about 30 percent more electricity in July 2010 compared to July 2009. With the record-breaking heat, I wasn’t surprised, but I’ve been on a year-long diet to reduce my consumption and lower my energy costs. July was a setback. While fall may be just around the corner, depending on where you live, you may still face another month of summer temperatures. It’s not too late …

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