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Dealing with Employee Social Media Screw-Ups

The bounds and benefits of social media as business tool keep expanding. We’ve seen enough already to know also that employees can create some really bad publicity through ill-conceived tweets, updates and the like. Today Mashable offers a great primer on preventing and handling employee social media faux pas.   Employee social media use a big concern for employers Having policies in place to prevent and repair social media damage essential Knee-jerk reactions can make a bad situation worse   …

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What’s a Dose of Salmonella Worth Anyway?

If you’re one of the thousands sickened by a salmonella-tainted egg, you’re probably thinking, can I get paid for my trouble? The answer is yes you can. Now you’re wondering, how much? Judging from payouts in a recent salmonella poisoning class action, anywhere from less than $50K to $2 million. That’s not peanuts.   Tainted peanut settlements range from thousands to millions of dollars Amount of award depends on factors like severity, medical bills, lost income Activists question safety of …

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