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Posted 7 years ago in Government by Arthur Buono  
Back to School: The “Race” for Class President

A Mississippi school district has changed a 30-year-old racial policy on student elections. This year, a student won’t have to be African-American to run for class reporter. And a student won’t have to be white to run for class president.   Student election rule designed to give equal chance to black, white kids Mother of mixed-race children objected to the rules As mixed-race population increases, what happens to black/white distinctions?   Separate Elections for Blacks, Whites Halted The rules were …

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Posted 7 years ago in Criminal Law by Arthur Buono  
Paris Hilton Claims Illegal Search in Cocaine Bust

Paris Hilton got busted Friday for cocaine possession in Las Vegas. Today her lawyer meets with the district attorney in an attempt to persuade him not to file charges. Her lawyer says the amount of cocaine was negligible, and it was found in a purse not belonging to her. We’re most interested in his claim police searched Paris Hilton illegally.   Paris Hilton detained, searched when driver stopped on drug suspicion Exceptions to warrant requirement permit stops, arrests in certain …

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