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Posted 7 years ago in Animal Law by Arthur Buono  
Lax Laws on Exotic Pets Endanger Humans, Animals

No, you may not have a python for your birthday. Ohio is just one state overrun by exotic animals. Seems people are dying to have them, and that’s no laughing matter. It has set animal collectors and animal welfare advocates at each other’s throats, and left state lawmakers with egg on their faces.   Ohio collector’s pet black bear kills handler during feeding Pet python suffocates Florida toddler Exotic and invasive nonnative species pose major problems for health and environment …

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Posted 7 years ago in Internet Law by Arthur Buono  
Me No Like: Facebook Sued for Letting Tykes Like

Facebook illegally profits from children who "like" ads on the social networking site. So says a class action lawsuit alleging Facebook misappropriates the names and likenesses of kids when they like products and services advertised there. The lawsuit also gives a glimpse at how Facebook’s "like" feature adds economic value to its franchise.   Facebook’s "like" feature lets users – including minors – endorse products and services California law prohibits use of a child’s name or likeness without parental consent …

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Posted 7 years ago in Consumer Law by Jennifer King  
Shop Smart: Think Twice Before Buying Medicine from Your Pet’s Veterinarian

Update: The Food & Drug Administration has issued a consumer update for those who want to purchase pet medicines online. The FDA cautions against using online pharmacies that offer to evaluate your pet from afar and sell drugs without a prescription. And the FDA reiterates the recommendation that you only purchase medicine online from Vet-VIPPS accredited pharmacies. Original: I’m an animal lover, and have always owned pets. Part of the commitment I’ve made is to ensure my animals receive all …

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