Community Crime Watch: National Night Out

Posted August 3, 2010 in Personal & Home Safety by Arthur Buono

The National Association of Town Watch (NATW) sponsors the 27th annual National Night Out this evening. National Night Out lets neighbors come out and get to know one another and local law enforcement. NATW promotes neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships through the event.

  • National Night Out: America’s Night Out Against Crime
  • Support and participate in local anticrime programs
  • Block parties, walks, and youth activities highlight events


Getting Citizens Involved in Crime Prevention

National Night Out continues the drive to get ordinary citizens more involved in crime prevention. NATW promotes Crime Watch programs around the country. NATW also promotes crime and drug prevention, better police-community relations, and neighborhood spirit. The National Sheriffs’ Association sponsors the similar Neighborhood Watch program.

The drive to get communities involved in preventing and solving crimes takes many forms. Some are controversial. Keeping kids safe motivates much of the activity. States and the federal government have Amber Alert programs and sex offender registry laws to let parents take charge of their kids’ safety and make people aware of actual and potential threats to children.

Crime watch programs aim to get ordinary citizens into the streets. There they can keep an eye out for crime. They encourage citizens to report crimes and suspicious activity. Some local governments even have community volunteer or auxiliary officers. These citizens can issue citations for minor offenses like parking or ordinance violations. Citizens generally should not take any actions that would put them or others at greater risk.

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