Another Gulf Oil Rig Explosion

Posted September 2, 2010 in Current Events by Arthur Buono

The AP reports another oil rig has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. So far it looks like all personnel aboard the rig are safely accounted for. No word yet on any leaking oil, but this will keep offshore drilling under intense scrutiny for now.

  • New rig explodes in western Gulf of Mexico
  • Explosion comes as proposed drilling rule changes draw scrutiny
  • BP claims process ramping up


Explosion Comes as New Drilling Rules Pondered

The new rig explosion comes just as BP and the Deepwater Horizon disaster get some news-cycle breathing room. It also adds urgency and additional perspective to the Obama administration’s recommendations for changes in offshore oil drilling regulations. Critics have already asserted that the proposed drilling rules have too many loopholes.

In the meantime the process for settling BP claims is ramping up. 9/11 claims czar Ken Feinberg will have his hands full figuring out what claims are legitimate and what they are worth. Successful claimants will receive one-time, lump sum settlements for their troubles. Because claimants will have to give up their rights to sue BP in order to get paid, it will be essential to calculate all past and future harm to person, property, and business. The claims process will be outside the courts, but a good personal injury lawyer will be handy in estimating and asserting a claim nonetheless.

It’s safe to say also that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will be rechecking safety conditions on rigs. Although 2009 saw the fewest workplace fatalities on record, it seems that 2010 may be a different matter.

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