Last Friday a Black One for Torrent, Fakes Sites

Posted November 29, 2010 in Consumer Law by Arthur Buono

While many of us were seizing bargains on Black Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement was busy too. ICE seized 82 websites dedicated to illegal file sharing and counterfeit wares. It’s a reminder not everything you can buy on Cyber Monday is authentic or legally for sale.

  • ICE shopping spree nets 82 torrent and counterfeit wares sites
  • Counterfeit goods cost profits, taxes and sometimes lives
  • Shopping online makes it hard to spot fakes, deal only with reputable sites
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ICE Seizes Websites Dedicated to Counterfeit Goods

ICE is mostly known as the country’s immigration cop. It’s also in charge of ensuring that imported goods come here legally. ICE has the second largest investigative agency in the US.

That shop includes the Cyber Crimes Center, or C3. It claims to have found thousands of websites, based in and outside the US, selling counterfeit merchandise, including music and software. The question for you, if you care, is how do you know a website’s selling authorized copies of movies, songs and software, or genuine goods?

If you’re using a torrent file-sharing service to download feature films and commercial songs for free, you probably already know you’re committing a crime. When it comes to ordering physical goods, or physical copies of digital media, check out this consumers’ guide from the International Intellectual Property Institute. Counterfeit goods aren’t just a rip off. They can also be deadly.

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