Amtrak Lets You Pack Iron on Steel Rails Again

Posted December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized by Arthur Buono

If you’re upset over intrusive TSA screenings, you might consider traveling by rail this holiday season. No, seriously. And if your inability to tote your guns and ammo along the Northeast Corridor was holding you back, there’s good news. Starting Dec. 15th you can take your weapons and ammunition on Amtrak as baggage.

  • Amtrak lifting ban on traveling with weapons
  • Weapons and ammo may be transported in checked baggage
  • Less intrusive passenger screenings make rail more attractive than air for some
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Guns OK in Checked Baggage on Amtrak Trains

Just in time for Christmas. Undoubtedly more than a few travelers will be heading home for the holidays with a shiny new Winchester 1200 for little Jimmie or Janie. Until now if you wanted to transport firearms your choices were car, bus or airplane. It’s a legitimate gripe for sportsmen and other law-abiding gun owners.

The Amtrak ban went into effect after 9/11. It was imposed because of the perceived security threat. You can thank Miss. Sen. Roger Wicker and the National Rifle Association for getting it lifted. Some restrictions apply:

  • You must travel on a train with a secure baggage car
  • You must tell Amtrak at least 24 hours in advance you’ll be packing
  • You have to check your piece and load at the station
  • You can’t bring more than 11 pounds of ammunition
  • Weapons must be in a locked, hard-sided case

Gun control advocates object, naturally. They point out differences between an inaccessible airplane cargo hold and even a secured baggage car. Then there’s the whole matter of passenger screening. Amtrak has no pat downs and no body imaging machines. But this is probably a reason travelers would prefer rail to air right now.

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