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Posted 6 years ago in Criminal Law by Arthur Buono  
Smartphones Favored by Prison Inmates

Inmates in our nation’s prisons are increasingly turning to cellphones and smartphones to reach out and touch the outside. It’s making it easy for them to order pizzas, stay connected with friends, and run extortion, drug and fraud rackets. Prison officials have had a hard time cracking down.   Thousands of phones seized from inmates Phones bought from guards, smuggled from outside Inmates committing crimes, or just keeping in touch with family Copy this link to share with friends: http://bit.ly/eUcHE7 …

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Posted 6 years ago in In Case You Missed It by Kristin Conner  
In Case You Missed It: Week Ending January 2, 2011

Each week, Lawyers.com features a variety of legal articles and information to help you meet your personal and business legal needs. Check out the articles and information that ran last week, and check the Lawyers.com homepage each day for new items.   Be Sure to check Lawyers.com’s new app for iPhones Copy this link to share with your friends: http://bit.ly/eep7af   Monday, December 27 Does Nature Have Rights? Supplemental Medicare Insurance Coverage (Medigap) Just One Look Data Breaches and Internet …

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Posted 6 years ago in Consumer Law by Arthur Buono  
Starting a Diet? Heed FDA’s Fruta Planta Recall

I’ll bet a million Americans are starting a diet today. Whether your goal is 10 pounds or 40, do it right and mind your fads and diet aids. Witness PRock’s recall of all its Fruta Planta diet products.   Too many weight loss products tainted with dangerous substances Read the disclaimers when considering weight loss claims CDC: balanced diet and plenty of exercise best weightloss formula Copy this link to share with friends: http://bit.ly/hmIeBp   Dangerous Diet Products, Iffy Weight …

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