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Posted 6 years ago in Labor and Employment by Arthur Buono  
Reemployment Assistance Just a Click Away

I’m sure today’s unemployment report has the out-of-work popping Champagne corks across America. But if you’re among the 9.4 percent of Americans who still don’t have a job, you want help. The Department of Labor’s revamped "reemployment" website is worth a look.   Unemployment ticks down, but remains high 10 percent of unemployed have exhausted benefits: extension not coming for them Assistance with housing, food, energy available to needy Copy this link to share with friends: http://bit.ly/fggt78   99ers Facing …

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Posted 6 years ago in Uncategorized by Arthur Buono  
African Americans Lag Whites in End-of-Life Planning

African Americans are less likely than whites to have made end-of-life planning decisions. The data come from an interesting study about advance medical directives and long-term care patients. It’s a reminder to all of us of the benefits of end-of-life planning in general.   African Americans trail in end-of-life planning among surveyed groups Real benefits to be gained by end-of-life planning Planning not expensive; DIY options plentiful Copy this link to share with friends: http://bit.ly/f4LhiL   End-of-Life: Why Everyone Should …

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