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Posted 6 years ago in Lawyers.com Bloghound Quiz by Arthur Buono  
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Test your legal absorption quotient by answering the following questions about this week’s Lawyers.com blogs. 1. The maximum number of weeks allowed for unemployment insurance benefits is: 36 52 78 99 Find the answer 2. Interrogatories can only be sent to: witnesses parties corporations defendants Find the answer 3. A person appointed to look after the property and finances of an incompetent person is called a: guardian trustee conservator executor Find the answer 4. The California Supreme Court this week …

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Posted 6 years ago in Driving & Motor Vehicles by Arthur Buono  
What Makes a Car Street Legal?

So it’s the new year and maybe one of your resolutions is to build yourself a car. Get back to nature, that sort of thing. Maybe you just remembered your car is due for inspection this month. Or maybe you’re itching to Pimp Your Ride. Whichever, your car’s got to be “street legal” and have all inspection items in good repair and proper working order. “Street legal” means your ride has everything it needs, and nothing it can’t have Check …

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