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Posted 6 years ago in Consumer Law by Arthur Buono  
Bought Any Drugs Online Lately? Beware This Scam

Have you purchased any prescription medications online lately? Are you feeling a little sheepish or uncomfortable about whether this was strictly legal? Scammers bet you are, and will prey on your worries with an FDA enforcement scam.   Scammers pose as FDA investigators Prey on those who may have doubts about legality of drug buys Always have a valid prescription and make sure the seller’s legit Copy this link to share with friends: http://bit.ly/hmRumq   Use a Legitimate Pharmacy, Have …

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In Case You Missed It: Week Ending January 9, 2011

Each week, Lawyers.com features a variety of legal articles and information to help you meet your personal and business legal needs. Check out the articles and information that ran last week, and check the Lawyers.com homepage each day for new items.   Be Sure to check Lawyers.com’s new app for iPhones Copy this link to share with your friends: http://bit.ly/gLUvbF   Monday, January 3 Fundraising Fraud Slip and Fall FAQs Follow us on Twitter Tuesday, January 4 Demystifying the Law: …

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Posted 6 years ago in Criminal Law by Arthur Buono  
Motive Sought in Arizona Shooting Aftermath

In the wake of Saturday’s attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, you might expect heightened scrutiny of anti-government and personal Internet rants. The Arizona shooting is so shocking, it could also almost make you forget the mail bombs intercepted in Maryland and Washington DC last Thursday and Friday.   Arizona Congresswoman shot, federal judge and five others killed Killer had history of weirdly sinister political statements Internet threats of all sorts taken very seriously Copy this link to share with …

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