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Posted 6 years ago in Your Family & The Law by Arthur Buono  
I’m Taking the Dog, Dumbass: Pets and Divorce

Not so fast. Fans of Legally Blonde will recall this empowering riposte but increasingly custody of the pet is a factor in divorce. You’ll be surprised I’m sure to hear that when it comes to pets, the law’s not exactly clear.   Who gets the pet, and why? You’d be surprised sometimes Courts may consider pet’s welfare and emotional needs of spouses, kids Celebrities, wealthy, squabble over canines, felines Copy this link to share with friends: http://bit.ly/eAirGa   Are Pets …

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Posted 6 years ago in Uncategorized by Jennifer King  
Short Sale Distress: Know When to Hold or Fold

If you know 10 people who own homes, at least two or three of those are probably "under water." No, I’m not talking about the flooding in Australia. Instead, I’m referring to homes that are worth less than the owner owes on his mortgage (or has paid for the home, if it was a cash purchase).   Copy this link to share with your friends: http://bit.ly/eNFO84   Homeowners who are under water have a few options: Continue to live in …

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