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Posted 6 years ago in Personal & Home Safety by Arthur Buono  
Twice Deadly Equestrian Events: Not Horsing Around

It’s odd when two siblings are killed in identical accidents years apart. These tragedies befell the daughters of a Truckee, California couple, who both died in show jumping accidents. The couple has twice faced the awful challenge of suing allegedly responsible parties for deaths occurring in an inherently risky sport.   Show jumping fatality allegedly caused by unsound mount Riding coach said to have increased risk to rider by assuring horse was fit Inherently dangerous activities can be made riskier …

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Posted 6 years ago in Uncategorized by Jennifer King  
Demystifying the Law: Setting Up a Small Business (Part 2)

In last Thursday’s blog post, I talked about the preliminary steps to starting a small business. These include doing your research, writing a business plan and picking a name. In today’s blog, I’ll discuss the remaining factors to consider when starting a new business.   Copy this link to share with your friends: http://bit.ly/icugPl   Select a Business Structure There are a few possible business structures, including the sole proprietorship, partnership and corporation. There are advantages and disadvantages to each …

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