Massive Government Fraud: How to Get You Some

Posted February 18, 2011 in Frauds & Scams by Arthur Buono

Why is there so much fraud in this doggone country? Just yesterday the feds rolled up $225 million in Medicare fraud. Over 100 doctors, nurses, and health care executives are all looking at hard time.

  • Government fraud costing tens of billions each year
  • Feds ramping-up high tech efforts to ferret out fraud
  • Get your share of fraud with a False Claims Act lawsuit
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Citizens Have a Stake in Busting Federal Fraud

This is America for crying out loud. We’re honest, Ram tough, like-a-rock kinda people. We’re for fair play and making money the good, old-fashioned, capitalist way. But things have gotten so bad the federal government now has a high-tech war room to spot and stop "stimulus fraud."

Now here’s how to profit from fraud, legally. Uncle Sam wants you. He’ll pay you a bounty for outing the fraudsters and taking them down. We’re talking potentially big money too. How does 15 to 30 percent of millions of dollars or more sound?

It’s called a qui tam suit. You’re entitled to sue to stop the fraud and recover the government’s money under the federal False Claims Act. If you’re suspicious of fraud against the government at your company or a competitor, you should contact an attorney. Before doing anything else, you’ll also want to read our Whistle Blowing and Retaliation FAQ.

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