Recall Sampler: Do Not Honk if You (Heart) Jettas

Posted March 31, 2011 in Products Liability by Arthur Buono

Volkswagen has recalled 71,000 model year 2011 Volkswagen Jettas. If you honk the horn, this may shut off the engine. Now it’s true some people think the horn is really the brake, but this is an obvious safety hazard that needs to be fixed.

Celiac’s Sufferers: Trader Joe’s Pizza Contains Wheat

Completely Fresh Foods has recalled 131,000 pounds of Trader Joe’s pizza products because they don’t declare wheat as an ingredient. Pizza dough normally contains wheat but persons allergic to wheat might understandably think the product was gluten-free if the ingredient’s not declared on the label.

More Protein Drinks Possibly Contaminated

Salmonella may be present in a number of protein supplements marketed by Nutrition Express. As with last week’s recall, the bacteria is linked to the supplier of whey for the drinks.

Portier Fine Foods Norwegian Smoked Salmon

This smoked salmon, sold by Smokehouse LLC, may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. It’s batch code 066, which means it was produced on the 66th day of this year, March 7th.

"Toxic Waste" Nearly Impossible to Clean Up

I feel I’ve been blogging about Candy Dynamics "Toxic Waste" line of candies forever. Now it’s only one lot of their Short Circuits Bubble Gum that contains lead, but this makes three of their products that I recall (no pun intended).

SCUBA Much? Diving Masks Pose Drowning Hazard

Certain Guardian Full-Face Diving Masks have a defect that can interrupt the diver’s oxygen supply. It’s not too much to ask of an $800 product that it not have some weird defect but merely work as a diving mask should.

Lawn Mowing Season upon Us: Check Your Mower

Two riding mowers have been recalled, just as we put the snow blowers on blocks. Exmark Pioneer S-Series mowers can lurch out of control, posing a crash hazard. Commercial-grade Toro Z Master ZRT Mowers are being recalled because the "operator presence switch" may malfunction and activate the mower when the operator gets off the seat. One laceration injury’s been reported.

Lowe’s Now Talking Serious Coin for Stinky Drywall

Finally, not a recall, but it looks like Lowe’s is going to do right by people ruined by toxic drywall. A new proposed settlement in the class action suit will net claimants as much as $100,000 if they’ve suffered that much damage. is your one-stop source for all food, drug and product safety recalls. It has links to all of the official government recall sites.

What to Do

In general, if you have a recalled item you’ll want to contact the retailer or manufacturer. They will replace or repair the item, or issue a refund or credit. Most recalled food items should simply be thrown out.

If you’ve been injured by a consumer product, or feel you’ve been sickened by a food or drug, you should keep the item in a safe and secure place. You may need it as evidence for a products liability claim, and a government agency might want to examine it as well.

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