AZ, SD Abortion Laws to Test Limits, Roe v. Wade

Posted April 1, 2011 in Government by Arthur Buono

Two new abortion laws in Arizona and South Dakota have gotten a lot of attention. On Wednesday Arizona criminalized so-called sex- and race-selection abortions. It’s one of a handful of states to ban sex-selection, and the first to ban race-selection.

  • New state Republican majorities push to limit or ban abortions
  • Arizona champions equal rights in banning sex- and race-selection abortions
  • South Dakota’s law geared to challenge Roe v. Wade
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Abortion Laws ISO a Purpose, Fight

In theory, sex-selection abortions are performed because the mother does not want either a girl or a boy. Race-selection is a little fuzzy to me if the "selection" is the woman’s decision. The law speaks in terms of minorities being "targeted" for abortion and I guess its sponsors know what they mean by that.

Anyway a doctor commits a crime by performing an abortion for these reasons, or knowing these reasons are why the woman seeks an abortion. The doctor has to make an affidavit of ignorance. But the doctor can do this without asking the woman the reason she’s having an abortion, it seems.

South Dakota also made headlines this week by banning practically any abortion. The sponsors and the governor admit it’s designed for a test case to overturn Roe v. Wade. Previously this session some South Dakota lawmakers notoriously introduced a bill to require residents to own a gun.

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