Lindsay Lohan’s Preliminary Hearing Today

Posted April 22, 2011 in Criminal Law by Arthur Buono

Well it’s not the Royal Wedding or anything, but Lindsay Lohan has a court date of her own. She’ll appear at a preliminary hearing to decide if she should stand trial for felony theft of a $2,500 necklace. Chances are she’ll be bound over for trial.

  • Lindsay Lohan scheduled for preliminary hearing today
  • Prosecutors will try to establish probable cause on felony charge
  • Probable cause finding will result in case being set for trial
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Lindsay Just Prepping for Role as Mobster’s Wife?

Lindsay will get to hear some of the evidence prosecutors have against her today. The judge will decide if that evidence is enough for a trial. The preliminary hearing is often called a probable cause hearing, because that’s the standard of proof required to keep the case going against the defendant. And it’s not a tough standard to meet.

There seems to be a rash of shoplifting these days. A major league ballplayer was also arrested this week for shoplifting six shirts worth $60. That hardly seems worth it, especially when your salary is $425,000.

If Lindsay beats this rap – and maybe more so if she doesn’t – she’ll be primed for her upcoming role as mobster John Gotti’s wife. It will be interesting to see if she uses the Hedy Lamarr defense: "this is how I always shop." It worked once for the late, former most beautiful woman in the world.

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