Energy and Environment: Sitch Normal, All Fracked Up

Posted May 10, 2011 in Government by Arthur Buono

As a general rule, there are two places you never want to be inside of: hospitals and courthouses. At we strive to keep you out of courthouses especially, though sometimes this can’t be helped. So without taking any position on the economics or the politics, maybe it’s time to take a judicious look at fracking for shale gas.

  • Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, used to release natural gas from rock
  • Process alleged to contaminate drinking water, cause temblors
  • Sound regulation might avoid costly environmental damage
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Shale Gas Fracking Linked to Dirty Water, Quakes

With "Frack, Baby, Frack," Forbes and Investor’s Business Daily are riffing off political rock star Sarah Palin’s anthem for oil, "Drill, Baby, Drill" (lyrics by former RNC Chairman Richard Steele). Energy independence is important and while green is good, simply greener is better than nothing. Fossil fuels will remain a big part of our energy supply and you’ll want the greenest of the bunch.

Natural gas has some advantages and we’ve got a ton of it locked in shale in large parts of the country. Right now the technology to release it appears ahead of the technology to make sure it won’t contaminate the water supply for a good chunk of the population. In that case a go slow approach seems in order. The gas will always be there.

So will the courthouses. And if your drinking water becomes unfit all of a sudden, or the area you live in starts experiencing unusual seismic activity, you can go inside and try to get compensation for your trouble. Though I wouldn’t recommend it over the alternative, which any carpenter will advise: measure twice, cut once.

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