Cell Phone Radiation: There’s a Scam (and App) for That

Posted June 17, 2011 in Frauds & Scams by Arthur Buono

Software developers are busy writing apps for smart phones. Hackers are busy working to exploit them for things like identity theft. Then you have your low-tech scammers who are now preying on fears that cell phone radiation causes cancer.

  • Cell phones called possibly carcinogenic by WHO
  • Scam artists offering radiation-shielding products to concerned consumers
  • Don’t be fooled, instead try some common-sense to minimize exposure
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Don’t Be Scammed by Radiation Shields

First, a word about cell phones and cancer. The World Health Organization recently added cell phones to the list of things that might possibly cause cancer. That list also includes things like coffee and gasoline fumes. The actual risk hasn’t been calculated, if it exists at all.

Even so, the news may be unsettling to some. Might there be a relatively inexpensive way to eliminate the risk short of not using a cell phone? It turns out there are ways to do this. It also turns out there are people who will take advantage of you to make a quick buck off your fears.

Specifically, the Federal Trade Commission says products claiming to shield the radiation from your cell phone don’t work. They may even cause the phone to emit more radiation. Instead of wasting money on those products, the FTC provides these tips to lessen your exposure:

  • Keep the phone away from your head. Use a hands-free device, and earpiece, or speakerphone
  • Try texting or keeping your calls brief
  • Wait for a strong signal. Cell phones emit more radiation trying to operate on a weak signal
  • Only hold the phone close to your ear when listening. Hold it away a bit when talking
  • If you’re shopping for a new phone, check the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The lower the SAR, the better

You might also check out the Tawkon app, which claims to measure your phone’s radiation and tells you when it’s safer to use.

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*Please note that these apps are for informational purposes only, and neither LexisNexis nor Lawyers.com endorses these apps or accepts liability for their use.

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