In Retrial, Blagojevich Convicted of Corruption

Posted June 28, 2011 in Government by Arthur Buono

If at first the government doesn’t succeed, it will try, try again to convict you. That’s if you’re not acquitted the first time. That’s what happened yesterday to former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, whose trial last year ended mostly in a deadlocked jury.

  • In retrial, ex-governor convicted of multiple corrupt acts
  • Offered US Senate seat for sale to highest bidder
  • Citizens oppose corruption and bad government in and out of voting booth
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Jurors Send a Message: Fed Up with Corrupt Pols


First, a word about corruption. This makes it two in a row and something like four of the last nine Illinois governors to be convicted of wrongdoing. A pretty good doubleheader at Wrigley for a hitter, but something to make even politicians in Belarus blush. Corruption fouls the political and governmental processes. It will eat holes in an economy eventually.

A couple of the jurors said the evidence really soured them on politicians. They wanted to send a message about honest, effective governance by officials who take the problems we face seriously. They sound like concerned citizens who in doing their duty held themselves to the high standard they applied to Blagojevich.

It’s people like them who will keep this country moving ahead. You don’t need to go all "Tea Party" (I applaud their activism) on electeds to make a difference. You do need to care. That means:

  • Voting, and casting an informed vote
  • Acting when the need arises. Look at Wisconsin. Voters there aren’t waiting, they’re going for recall elections of officials they feel have betrayed them or taken a wrong turn. Politicians work for you, they don’t own you.
  • Taking one issue or cause, and making it your own. It can be local, it can be national, it can be international. For example we’re working with countless others to end child sex exploitation, something that’s happening locally and worldwide.

Nothing gets done unless you do it. Go get ’em.

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