This Facebook Double-Cross I Really Like

Posted June 10, 2011 in Your Family & The Law by Arthur Buono

You’ve been warned time and again to keep the personally incriminating stuff away from social networks. You’ve been warned to keep it zipped when you become involved in legal proceedings like divorce. But this one is really good. A woman who tried to get dirt on her husband by impersonating someone else on Facebook was duped into believing he was planning her murder.

  • Wife adopts Facebook alter ego to entrap husband
  • Husband suspects con, plays it to incriminate wife
  • Book, movie rights deal cannot be far behind
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Counterespionage in the Divorce Cold Wars

At least that’s what the cops who the woman tipped now believe. Let’s hope so. That way we can just use this as a pretty harmless lesson once again about the perils of social networking.

One of the better takeaways from Weinergate is the observation someone made that social networks are for sharing, not secrets. Although Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites all have privacy controls and tunnels for communicating privately, nothing is truly secure once it leaves your lips or fingertips. But this is true of all communications.

The husband’s advance affidavit was an interesting touch. Please note though, it kept him from being prosecuted but not from spending a few nights behind bars. When your marriage unravels to this level of suspicion, take it to a lawyer. I would have to poll some divorce lawyers but I think they wouldn’t advise the husband or the wife to do what they did. Unless maybe it was the Baddest Lawyer in the History of Jersey.

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