You’re Busted: Shut Up or Come Clean, Just Don’t Lie

Posted June 7, 2011 in Criminal Law by Arthur Buono

The continuing saga of Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) will provide grist for the political and media mills for weeks to come and possibly up to the 2012 election. Of course yesterday Weiner fessed up to major and minor, personal and political bads. It’s hard to sort out what are the least and what are the worst.

  • Congressman comes clean after lying about sexting strangers
  • Coverup often worse than the crime
  • Before you compromise a case or compound an offense, see a lawyer
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So Many Lessons from Weinergate

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Whether it’s a criminal or a civil matter, one of the oldest principles of the law is that anything you say can be used against you. Your lawyer will tell you politely to shut up and let her or him do the talking. That’s sound advice.

Between the time something happens – you’re involved in a car accident, or you’re stopped by police – and you obtain counsel, you’ve got a choice. You can say nothing or as little as possible, you can lie like a rug, or you can speak fully and truthfully. Because even your truthful factual statements and honest, good faith opinions can be misconstrued or seen as inconsistent, it’s often best not to volunteer information before talking with a lawyer. It seems Anthony Weiner insists on going it alone. Look what a mess he’s made of an already bad situation.

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