Legally Lovelorn: Kids Sue Heartless Mom + More Cheating Scum

Posted August 29, 2011 in Your Family & The Law by Arthur Buono

Today kicks off an occasional advice column for those of you with legal questions about love. To start we have a couple of doozies. To be denied a mother’s love is a tragic thing. For grown children to sue their mom for heartless mothering is a frivolous thing. Yet that’s what two well-off young adults did recently.

  • Love and the Law: what a concept
  • Adult kids’ case against thoughtless mom dismissed
  • Lawyer goes to court to silence badmouthing ex-lovers
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Dirty Laundry Gets Aired in Court Cases


Don’t take it from us. Ask their father, a lawyer who claims he counseled them against it but assisted them in the lawsuit. Among their claims: their mother sent one an inappropriate birthday card, sometimes none at all. She also didn’t send them money and tried to get them to behave (obviously she failed). An appeals court dismissed the case. The judge said the case – and the kids – will live in infamy on the web.

Meanwhile, a New York City lawyer is courting the same kind of fame. He’s suing two ex-gfs for badmouthing him on One woman called him “scum.” He says jilted lovers have no right to vent to the public. He’s suing them for unlawfully interfering with his law practice. It will be interesting to see if this lawsuit’s got legs, or the court says this lawyer must lie in the bed he made for himself.

Unflattering remarks you make about someone, or even some thing, can land you in legal trouble. Defamation, invasion of privacy, and unfair competition claims can stem from verbal and written words and even those you post to the comments section of a blog. While you might successfully defend such a claim, the legal fees for doing so should make you think twice before popping off. And remember, what you do or say will last on the internet for a long time.

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