Stocking up on Bottled Water as Food Stamp Frauds Dump It

Posted August 26, 2011 in Frauds & Scams by Arthur Buono

Would you trade $6 for $2.40? Before you answer, what if I said the $6 could only buy you food (including water) but the $2.40 could buy you beer too? That’s the latest form of food stamp fraud the feds want to stamp out.

  • Abuse of food stamps to get cash for bottle deposits
  • Number of people getting food stamps at an all-time high
  • Bottled water will be needed in aftermath of hurricane Irene
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Waste of Taxpayer Money and Badly Needed Drinking Water


This is happening in states that have bottle deposits. Some food stamp recipients are using food stamps to buy cases of bottled water, dumping the water out, and redeeming the empties for cash. They can then use the cash to buy things they can’t with food stamps, like alcohol and tobacco.

Food stamp fraud isn’t new, but this is a sad twist. The number of people receiving food stamps in this country is at an all-time high. Thirty-six percent of Alabama’s citizens receive assistance. The vast majority of those recipients are actually needy and don’t abuse the program. Especially if you’re unemployed and out of jobless benefits, it’s one form of assistance to look to.

Ironically a number of bottle deposit states are right in the path of oncoming hurricane Irene. Bottled water will be in heavy demand in affected areas. So it’s doubly frustrating to see not just taxpayer money being wasted, but potentially badly needed water too.

If you’re in the Northeast, it’s probably not too late to stock up on bottled water – to drink. Or you can bottle your own from the tap while it’s safe, and save money. Take a minute now to review our library and tips on what to do before and after disaster strikes.

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