“Massive” Recall Sampler: Pourable Gel Fuels

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Do you like starting fires with pourable gel fuels? Today we begin with a massive recall of 2 million units of pourable gel fuel. Nine makers or distributers of the napalm-like flammable goo are joining the Consumer Product Safety Commission in announcing the recall. The pourable gel fuel can ignite unexpectedly and splatter onto people and objects nearby when it is poured into a firepot that is still burning. CPSC is aware of 65 incidents resulting in two deaths and 34 victims who were hospitalized with second and third degree burns of the face, chest, hands, arms or legs. Don’t play with fire.

Here are a few more notable items from the past week’s recalls.

Petzl America Recalls Belay Devices Due to Fall Hazard

Rock climbers and mountaineers, heads up! Petzl America is recalling about 20,000 GRIGRI 2 belay devices with assisted braking. Excessive force on the handle can cause it to become stuck in the open position. When stuck open, the assisted braking function is disabled, posing a fall hazard to consumers. Some savvy users have noted and reported the defect to Petzl and thankfully no incidents or injuries have been reported.

Playsafe Dartmouth Swing Set

Pacific Cycle is recalling about 5,500 Playsafe Dartmouth Swing Sets. The sling-style swing seats can crack or split prematurely, posing a fall hazard to consumers.

Shoulderflex Massagers

King International LLC is recalling about 12,000 Shoulderflex massagers. This includes all massagers sold from 2003 to 2011. The recall is due to a report of a strangulation and death of a consumer.

Pure Encapsulations PreNatal Nutrients

Pure Encapsulations of Sudbury, Massachusetts is recalling one lot of PreNatal Nutrients because it may contain undeclared egg allergen. The lot number and best by date are 3560111A or 3560111B, best by date 01/13.

Vita Classic Premium Sliced Smoked Atlantic Nova Salmon

Vita Food Products, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois is recalling 8,088 individual retail packages of 4 oz. Vita Classic Premium Sliced Smoked Atlantic Nova Salmon. The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. The product was sold in various national, regional and local supermarket and produce stores.

Multiple Recalls of Chicken Caesar Salad and Products

So Ono Food Products, a Honolulu, Hawaii establishment, is expanding its original recall of chicken Caesar Salads by an additional 46 pounds of chicken Caesar salad products. All the products have undeclared egg allergens.

Related recalls of chicken Caesar Salad products are occurring in Alaska by the Triple B Corporation and nationwide by the Taylor Farms establishment. The recall also includes certain pasta salad with chicken products.

Silva Sausage Smoked Chicken Sausage Products

Silva Sausage Co., a Gilroy, Calif. establishment, is recalling approximately 28,782 pounds of chicken sausage products because of misbranding and an undeclared allergen. The products contain an undeclared allergen, cultured whey, an ingredient in the spice blend, which is not noted on the label.

These are just some of the past week’s recalls. Please check Recalls.gov for a complete list of recent recalls.

Identifying Recalled Products

Identifying recalled products isn’t always easy. CPSC has prepared a video for you to watch and learn how to determine if a product you have’s been recalled.

What to Do

In general, if you have a recalled item you’ll want to contact the retailer or manufacturer. They will replace or repair the item, or issue a refund or credit. Most recalled food items should simply be thrown out.

If you’ve been injured by a consumer product, or feel you’ve been sickened by a food or drug, you should keep the item in a safe and secure place. You may need it as evidence for a products liability claim, and a government agency might want to examine it as well. In any case you should contact a good products liability lawyer if you have any questions about your legal rights.

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