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Posted 6 years ago in Uncategorized by Heather McGowan  
Apartment Living Basics: Read the Lease and Releases

Dream apartment, right? Great space, handy location, reasonable rent. What puts your new rental home over the top? The amenities. No matter if it’s in-unit laundry, a balcony, covered parking, the pool or a gym facility, lifestyle extras can make the difference in your tenant experience. A great rental home makes many a tenant plain happy. Pay your rent and just enjoy. However, your lease doesn’t guaranty perfection during your lease term, and you need to read and understand the …

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Posted 6 years ago in Driving & Motor Vehicles by Arthur Buono  
Plaintiffs Suing DC Cop for Faking Breathalyzer Results

As reported by Aaron Kase for Lawyers.com A federal judge is permitting a lawsuit to proceed against a Washington DC police officer accused of deliberately manipulating breathalyzer readings, opening the door for plaintiffs to seek damages against the officer.   Cop accused of rigging breathalyzers to give false readings Results 30 percent higher than blood alcohol content tests More than 1.4 million people arrested for DUI/DWI each year   More than 1.4 million people nationally are arrested each year for …

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Posted 6 years ago in Labor and Employment by Jennifer King  
Demystifying the Law: Questions That Shouldn’t Legally Be Asked at Job Interviews

There are 390,000 Americans who filed new unemployment claims for the week ending Nov. 5. The total number of Americans without jobs is about 13.9 million. If you’re unemployed, or simply hoping to switch jobs, then job interviews are probably on your mind. Potential employers can ask a lot of questions — but did you know that some questions may actually stray into illegal territory? That’s because the question implies the company may be discriminating against certain groups of people …

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