Editor’s Choice: Top Five Legal News Stories, Thanksgiving Edition

Posted November 24, 2011 in Jury Awards by Arthur Buono

Here are some news items to digest ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Editor's Choice

  • Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child, Suspend the Judge. The Texas Supreme Court has suspended a state judge who went all aggro on his 16-year-old daughter for illegally downloading music files. William Adams took a belt to his daughter and repeatedly lashed her, while declaring he “ought to keep beating you and beating you.” All this his daughter recorded with a hidden camera. She recently released the recording to, in her words, show that her father was unfit to judge.

    It’s a fine line between discipline and child abuse – or is it? Regardless, Judge Adams won’t face criminal charges because the beating occurred outside the limitations period. The same can’t be said for some people who called the judge’s courthouse to express their displeasure over the beating. Police are investigating certain callers who may have been too zealous in their protest.

  • States Urge Action against Four Loco. The attorneys general of 36 states are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to take “swift, forceful action” against the maker of the so-called “blackout in a can.” They say its maker, Phusion Products, falsely claims a 23.5-ounce Four Loko is the equivalent of one or two beers. The AGs say it’s more like 4.7 beers. The FTC has warned that no one can safely consume a single can of the 12 percent alcohol by volume beverage in a single setting.

    Four Loko’s been linked to the alcohol poisoning of an entire college campus (well, just a couple of dozen kids at one party). We’d like to suggest the AGs and the FTC also have a word with the makers of Pabst Blast, who seem eager to compete with Four Loko for the “get blotto fast” segment of the “young adult” (read: “underage”) alcoholic beverage demographic.

  • Kris Humphries Reportedly Seeks $10 Million Shakedown of Kim and Kardashian Klan

    The basketball player fka Kim Kardashian’s husband is dissatisfied with his take from “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” and is concerned he’ll be Dash Doll trash when it airs. He’s shopping his claims to lawyers, according to reports.

    Becoming partners with your partner has pluses and minuses. It’s a legitimate excuse for avoiding or prolonging the engagement. Pick your poison.

  • $9.85 Million Verdict against Day Care in Child Drowning. A Georgia jury awarded $9.85 million to the parents of a toddler who drowned at a day care facility. The jury found that the child fell into a pool and drowned while unattended. The day care operators were alleged to have falsely claimed to have a license to operate the facility.

    Don’t trust your child to just any day care facility without properly vetting it first.

    and finally …

  • President Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkeys (video). In an annual rite, the President took time today to grant a reprieve to two turkeys. The gesture dates to the Truman administration. They had their sentences commuted to life on the farm.

  • Happy Thanksgiving.