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Posted 5 years ago in Medical Malpractice by Staff Editor   
‘Distracted Doctoring’ a Danger to Patients

A recent survey found that 55 percent of technicians monitoring bypass machines admitted to  talking on cell phones during surgery. Half admitted to texting while in surgery. A widely read editorial in Anesthesiology News by Peter J. Papadakos, MD, says health care workers today are “fixated on computer screens” and rarely receive information directly from their patients. Papadakos referred to a study presented to the American Society of Anesthesiologists this year that said nurse anesthetists and residents were distracted by …

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Posted 5 years ago in Internet Law by Aaron Kase  
Who Owns Your Twitter Account, You or Your Boss?

The technology website Phonedog.com has sued former employee Noah Kravitz for $340,000 over the company twitter account, claiming Kravitz unlawfully took the account and its 17,000 followers with him when he left the company in 2010. Dispute over who decided to create the account Company values Twitter followers at $2.50 each per month Corporate social media policies lag behind the times   A Tweet Too Far Kravitz was the public face of Phonedog through the twitter account he created, @PhoneDog_Noah, …

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