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Posted 5 years ago in Medical Malpractice by Staff Editor   
Thousands Must Have Second Operation to Replace Defective DePuy Hip

  George Evans of Remington, VA, is one of 40,000 people who got a DePuy hip replacement to alleviate pain from worn-out joints. What he didn’t expect was continuing difficulty walking and the specter of having a second operation to replace it. “It’s been a lot of pain. Over the holidays, on Christmas Eve, I did not sleep all night because of the discomfort and the pain. At this point, I am using crutches to go anywhere. I can’t get …

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Posted 5 years ago in Driving & Motor Vehicles by Aaron Kase  
$8.8 Million Verdict in Texting Death, But No Florida Law Against Distracted Driving

  An $8.8 million award to the family of a Miami woman killed in a texting while driving accident has drawn attention to Florida’s lack of distracted driving laws. Phone records used to prove texting while driving Florida has shot down proposed distracted driving laws since 2002 Six new potential laws in the works for 2012   Death by Texting Myriam del Socorro Lopez and her husband were driving through Miami in 2008 when their car was struck by defendant …

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Posted 5 years ago in Bankruptcy by Jennifer King  
Too Often Medical Debt = Bankruptcy + Foreclosure

  Christmas came early to Claire Findley, a California woman who’s dying of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, and was facing the threat of eviction. Earlier in the year, Bank of America foreclosed on her house. Claire and her husband Luther were unable to pay the mortgage because of crushing medical debt and unemployment. But shortly before Christmas, the mortgage company told the Findleys they could remain in their home for as long as Claire is alive. Doctors estimate she …

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