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Posted 5 years ago in by Jennifer King  
Prediction: Spike in Foreclosures Coming

Prediction: The number of home foreclosures in 2012 will increase compared to last year. Here is just one example of the kinds of foreclosure-related stories you’ll hear in 2012. What else can you expect? Read on for our 2012 foreclosure predictions. In search of a warmer climate, the Ward family decided to relocate to Birmingham, Ala., from Chicago in 2006. They found a home, made a down payment of more than $28,000 and signed a lease-to-purchase agreement at the suggestion …

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Posted 5 years ago in Child Custody and Support Your Family & The Law by Keith Ecker  
Custody Case Pits Adoptive Parents Against Indian Nation

A case out of South Carolina has ignited a battle that pits an adoptive couple against a Native American tribe and the child’s biological father. Matt and Melanie Capobianco adopted 2-year-old Veronica in an Oklahoma open adoption in 2009. The child’s biological father, Dusten Brown, was not actively in her life at the time. Furthermore, when Veronica was four months old, Brown stated in writing that he would not contest the adoption, according to the Capobianco’s attorney. Two weeks later, …

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Posted 5 years ago in Medical Malpractice by Aaron Kase  
Family Awarded $7.6 Million for Forgotten Gallbladder Death

What’s a human life worth when a hospital forgets to perform surgery? The answer, for now, is $7.6 million, according to a jury in Queens, New York City. Man died after hospital twice forgot to remove his gallbladder Jury award high for New York, which blocks non-economic damages in wrongful death cases Hospital to appeal award   Death by Gallstone   Nam Lee was 60 years old when he was admitted to the New York Hospital Queens in 2008 for …

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