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Posted 5 years ago in Personal Injury by Ada Kulesza  
Suit Filed for Fashion Stylist Cut in Half by Dump Truck

One year ago in Manhattan, fashion stylist Laurence Renard, 35, had a green light to cross First Avenue at 90th Street. It was 6 o’clock, and the sun had already set on a January day. As she crossed, a dump truck turning left to go north on the avenue hit her and dragged her down the street, ultimately severing her body in two and killing her. She was a block away from her home. The dump truck was hauling excavated …

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Posted 5 years ago in Child Custody and Support by Aaron Kase  
California Says a Child’s Wishes Must Be Considered in Custody Cases

When parents get divorced and can’t agree who gets the kids, it’s up to a judge to make the ultimate decision. A new California law attempts to ensure that the child’s preference is heard in such cases, if the child wants to speak. Children over 14 now have right to testify in custody hearings Experts warn of stresses inherent in child testimony Most states leave child input to judge’s discretion   A Pitch for Uniformity Children over the age of …

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Posted 5 years ago in Child Custody and Support by Jennifer King  
Putting a Face on Unpaid Child Support: Gabrielle’s Story

This article is part of an ongoing Lawyers.com series looking at the child support crisis in America. Other articles in this series include: Putting a Face on Unpaid Child Support: Kendra’s Story Deadbeat Parents Don’t Pay Because There’s No Enforcement Federal Government No Help with Unpaid Child Support   Anyone who’s faced poverty, debt or even unemployment knows that sometimes the daily struggle to stay afloat means you’re forced to make tough choices. Gabrielle, a separated mother of two living …

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