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Posted 5 years ago in Personal Injury by Keith Ecker  
Modern Slander: Man Sues Ex-Girlfriends for Online Remarks

A quick look at Matthew Couloute, Jr.’s resume gives you a sense of the young attorney’s glowing reputation. He was hired as the youngest assistant states attorney in Norwalk, Conn, he was promoted within two years to become the jurisdiction’s youngest prosecutor, he worked as a player liaison for the National Football League, and he served as an analyst for both Court TV and MSNBC. But what Couloute’s resume doesn’t reveal is his reputation among his ex-girlfriends, who claim the …

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Posted 5 years ago in Personal Injury by Richard Dahl  
13,000 Sent to E.R. Every Year for Snowmobiling Personal Injuries

A Montana snowmobile operator died Jan. 24 when his machine rolled on top of him after striking an icy overhang, making him one of the latest victims in a popular wintertime activity. Lewis and Clark County Coroner Mickey Nelson told the Helena Independent Record that 27-year-old Kelly James Hatcher died from internal head and chest injuries and that alcohol was present and a “likely” factor in the incident. According to County Sheriff Leo Dutton, Hatcher and a friend, Jeremy Speer, …

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