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Posted 5 years ago in Landmark Court Cases by Keith Ecker  
Federal Same-Sex Marriage Is Coming

There is no disputing that the tide of public opinion on same-sex marriage has turned in favor of allowing federal marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples. On the heels of the landmark decision in California and the legislative initiative in Washington State, both Maryland and New Jersey are also paving the way to allow same-sex marriage. “This is further evidence that Americans are changing their minds as they think about why marriage matters and who gay families are,” says …

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Posted 5 years ago in Medical Malpractice by Aaron Kase  
Family Awarded $3.4 Million After ER Misses Aneurysm

It’s gospel in health care– if you have chest pains, get to the emergency room, especially if you have a history of heart problems. But an inexperienced ER doctor in New York thought his patient’s complaints weren’t serious, and sent him home with muscle relaxers. The result was deadly. Jury awards $3.4 million to deceased man Symptoms and medical history all pointed toward aortic aneurysm Doctor didn’t know how to use electronic medical records     They Just Blew It …

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Posted 5 years ago in Jury Awards by Sylvia Hsieh  
Editor’s Choice: Jury Awards Edition

 Woman told to ignore lump in breast wins $15 million verdict A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer more than a year after telling her doctor about a lump in her breast won a jury verdict of $15 million against her doctor for malpractice. Stephanie Tesorioro saw Dr. Paul Fisher of the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Center in New York complaining about a marble-sized lump in her breast in 2002. Although a mammography was taken, Dr. Fisher failed to …

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