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Posted 5 years ago in Personal Injury by Amber Statler-Matthews  
Video: Hurt or Sick on the High Seas – Your Rights When Taking a Cruise

Millions of people each year take cruises for many reasons – a lifelong dream to see a particular part of the world, a special romantic trip such as a honeymoon, or to have fun or celebrate an occasion. This adds up to over $29 billion a year for the tourism industry. One Passenger’s Story Gema Garcia was on a cruise to celebrate her birthday when a dispute with a bartender escalated and he called security. “I don’t know why they …

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  February 1, 2012 Issue 1   Welcome to the first issue of the free Divorce and Family Law Newsletter. In each issue you’ll find legal news consumers can use, collected from the daily Lawyers.com blog and other LexisNexis resources. Be sure to subscribe now. This newsletter will include divorce, child support, alimony, child custody, fathers’ rights, premarital agreements and related information. We’ll also bring you articles about adoption, paternity, child abuse and domestic violence. My aim is for you to …

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5 Common Estate-Planning Mistakes After Having a Baby

This is the first in a series of estate planning articles from EZLaw™.  EZLaw™ makes it easy to create a Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, or Living Will document, with the guidance of an attorney at a very affordable cost. Most new parents will agree: It’s initially an overwhelming experience and many things that once seemed important suddenly get pushed to the back burner. But sometimes critical things also get ignored with the addition of a new family …

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