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Posted 5 years ago in Crime by Keith Ecker  
Student’s Date to Testify in Rutgers Hate Crime Case

A resident assistant at Rutgers University testified today about fielding concerns from Tyler Clementi, the university student who in September 2010 committed suicide after his roommate secretly taped him engaged in intimate contact with another man. Raahi Grover, a Rutgers graduate who was a senior at the time of the incident, described to the court Clementi’s demeanor the night the freshman knocked on his door to report a roommate conflict. “I could tell by the tone of his voice he …

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Posted 5 years ago in Divorce by Aaron Kase  
Judge Orders Divorcing Husband To Apologize on Facebook

A judge in a Cincinnati divorce trial has ordered the husband to apologize to his wife for something he posted on his Facebook page, or face jail time. Judge rules that Mark Byron violated restraining order by calling wife evil and vindictive on Facebook Mandate to apologize riles free-speech advocates Lawyer says restraining orders are biased and overused against husbands   An Evil, Vindictive Woman Get the free Divorce & Family Law Newsletter. Click here to subscribe Mark and Elizabeth …

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Posted 5 years ago in by Jennifer King  
IRS to Tax Payers: Beware of Tax Scams & Tax Fraud

A well-meaning friend suggests you visit her tax preparer, who promises to secure a big refund or help you qualify for a little-known tax credit. Or perhaps someone at church distributed a flyer advertising a company that offers to help you get free money from the IRS. Maybe you just saw posters tacked up around town, all promoting a new tax-prep company and hyping the big refunds they got for other clients. Sometimes we set aside our better judgment when …

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