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Posted 5 years ago in by Jennifer King  
Renter Beware: Think Twice Before Having a Bank as Your Landlord

The foreclosure epidemic has turned a lot of banks into landlords. After all, it’s not just individual homeowners who can’t pay their mortgages. Investors in apartment buildings and office space are also defaulting on their loans. At first glance, having a bank as your landlord seems like it would be a good thing. Most bank buildings are well maintained, so you’d assume the bank would keep your apartment in good repair, too. Plus, banks can afford to do regular upkeep …

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Posted 5 years ago in Internet Law Social Networks by Kate Stafford  
Video: Privacy Issues on Facebook Are Here to Stay

“I mostly use it to connect.” “I wish I didn’t have to use it so much, because you do get kind of addicted to it, it’s the only way my generation communicates now.” Facebook has become the internet playground for nearly 750 million users, but along with the fun comes the perils of “oversharing.” Washington, DC, area-lawyer Eric Menhart tells us, “If you put it on Facebook you should expect that it is 100% unequivocally public. There are a few …

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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by Aaron Kase  
Can Your Employer Fire You For Alcoholism?

A former Spokane police officer is suing the city after he was fired for a DUI hit-and-run conviction. The officer, Brad Thoma, claims he is an alcoholic and is therefore protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Does he have a case? Alcoholism is protected under ADA; employers must make accommodations Stupid behavior due to alcohol consumption is not protected Wisconsin mayor ousted by citizens for public drunkenness   Draw the Line   Alcoholism is considered a disability under the …

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