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Posted 5 years ago in Labor and Employment by Courtney Sherwood  
Equal Opportunity Lessons from “Mad Men”

Spoiler alert: This article discusses scenes from the two-hour season five debut episode of Mad Men, including some moments that occur deep in the second hour. “Mad Men,” the stylish cable TV show set at an early 1960s advertising agency, may dwell in a glamorous world of three-martini lunches and modernist design, but the program has also never shied away from depicting the era’s rampant workplace sexism, racism and homophobia. The March 25 season five debut continues this tradition, depicting …

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Posted 5 years ago in by Aaron Kase  
Defective Foreclosures Rampant

The mortgage crisis in America has gotten so complicated that not only are banks foreclosing with no evidence that they have authority to do so, they can no longer define what ownership of a mortgage even means. Bank in Wisconsin foreclosure claims term “owner” of mortgage is vague and undefined. Massachusetts court rules banks must show ownership of loan to foreclose Defective foreclosures rampant; consequences to consumers countless and complicated   You Have To Own the Mortgage The popular pre-recession …

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Posted 5 years ago in Elder Law by Jennifer King  
Power of Attorney Used to Fleece Elderly

Imagine the scene: Your parent is beginning to succumb to old age. Maybe Mom is showing early signs of dementia. Or perhaps Dad has suffered a stroke and is recovering, but slowly. One day you learn your parent signed a power of attorney document naming your ne’er-do-well sibling as their attorney-in-fact…or, even worse, maybe they named as their agent someone who’s practically a stranger to you—a home health aide, a much younger neighbor, the volunteer who drives them to doctor’s …

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