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 10 Things to Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy may seem like the easy solution to a messy financial problem. But people don’t always realize that bankruptcy is a complex legal issue. Learn the key factors to consider, from hiring a lawyer to gathering records, from paying the legal and filing fees to attending credit counseling.

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Consumer Bankruptcy Poised to Climb in 2012

The number of consumer bankruptcy filings dropped in 2011, but experts expect more Americans to file for personal bankruptcy in 2012. The volume of bankruptcy filings is linked to the number of home foreclosures, which also dipped last year. As foreclosures again increase, more people are likely to file for bankruptcy, too.

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Are Spouses Required To File for Bankruptcy Together?

When you vowed to stay married for richer or poorer, did that obligate you to file for bankruptcy with your spouse? Not necessarily, lawyers say. Although you can file for joint bankruptcy with your husband or wife, you’re not obligated to file jointly.

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Too Often Medical Debt = Bankruptcy + Foreclosure

Some experts suggest medical debt is a factor in more than half of all consumer bankruptcy cases and half of all residential real estate foreclosures in the United States. If you’re suffering a serious illness, mounting medical bills and the loss of your home, there are some options.

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Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer—For Free!

Join bankruptcy attorney Michael D. Siegel on Tuesday, April 10, at 10 pm ET for a free online discussion about bankruptcy law, credit and debt issues. Mr. Siegel will talk about personal bankruptcy and other consumer credit issues, and answer your questions.

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