VIDEO: Call a Lawyer when a Cyberbully Attacks Your Child

Posted April 23, 2012 in Internet Law by Ted Bogosian

In two horrifying examples of cyberbullying, a girl was taunted online by schoolmates and threatened to kill herself after pleading for help, and Rutgers student Tyler Clementi committed suicide after finding out his roommate has been spying on him and showing the videos to his friends.

If you or your child is a victiom of online bullying – or cyberbullying — it’s time to call in a lawyer.

Attorney Sam Goldberg from Altman & Altman says, “The time to call a lawyer is when you’re getting nowhere with the school or police.” A lawyer can put pressure on the school to take action.

Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi committed suicide Sept. 22, 2012, after his roommate live-streamed Clementi in a sexual encounter.

Mr. Goldberg emphasizes that cyberbullying is more widespread than parents might realize. “It’s my understanding that around half of all teens have been the victim of cyberbullying,” he continues.

  • 1 in 10 don’t tell their parents because they may be embarrassed.
  • 1 in 5 actually report any bullying, even to police.


The Tyler Clementi Case Made People More Aware

Mr. Goldberg believes that the conviction of Tyler Clementi’s tormentor could be the tipping point for more awareness of cyberbullying.

“This case was a case from in the beginning that had a lot of publicity because it was called cyberbullying. My hope is that after seeing what happened after the Clementi case that more thought will be given to see how the problem can be helped.”

Mr. Goldberg stresses that by not calling a lawyer early, and trying to deal with it yourself could make the matter so much worse.

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