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Our Legal Advice to Octomom

Nadya Suleman, famous for having 14 children including eight at once in 2009, is in a triple train wreck of foreclosure, bankruptcy and child welfare problems. As she stares down a number of legal challenges with little outside support, Lawyers.com asked several lawyers to give her their advice for Octomom. Suleman declared bankruptcy, with debts up to $1 million House she lived in with 14 children is up for auction Child welfare officials visited the family recently to check on …

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Posted 5 years ago in Child Custody and Support by Kristin Conner  
Video: Child Removal From Home for Obesity Is a Heavy Penalty

  Last year authorities removed an 8-year-old boy from his home in Cleveland and placed him in foster care because county officials said the mother was not doing enough to control the child’s weight. At the time the boy was seized, he weighed more than 200 pounds. The case has ignited a debate about whether extreme childhood obesity should be reason enough to remove a child from his family. “Obesity, especially when medical intervention is necessary, makes this a hot-button …

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