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Posted 5 years ago in Divorce by Jeffrey Landers  
Six Must-Do Financial Steps for Women Preparing for Divorce

Jeffrey A. Landers, CDFA™ is a Divorce Financial Strategist™ and the founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC, a firm which exclusively advises affluent women throughout the United States before, during and after divorce.  He assists women and their divorce attorneys with deciding on the most advantageous way to divide marital assets and enable them to negotiate more favorable settlements, especially when there are complicated financial and tax issues. He also writes for Forbes.com and the Huffington Post. For further information, …

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Posted 5 years ago in Personal Injury by Aaron Kase  
Did the NFL Kill Junior Seau?

The suicide last week of former NFL star Junior Seau has observers wondering if his death stemmed from football-related head trauma, and what it portends for the future of the league. Legendary linebacker shot himself in the chest last week near San Diego Thousands of living players have sued the NFL for hiding the consequences of concussions Seau’s family could potentially join with others in wrongful death suits against the league   Unexpectedly Found Dead When the news broke that …

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Posted 5 years ago in Driving & Motor Vehicles by Richard Dahl  
Traffic-Cam Bans: In Mississippi, ‘Big Brother’ Strikes Back

The Mississippi Legislature thought it was saying no to Big Brother in passing a law banning the use of traffic cameras three years ago. Now an Arizona-based manufacturer of the cameras is claiming the state has no such right.  American Traffic Solutions has filed suit in Hinds County Circuit Court, claiming that the state’s three-year-old ban on traffic cameras is depriving it of private property without due compensation. ATS claimed that the contract it had entered into with the city …

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